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The Chairman of the Foundation: Tax Lawyer Pieter Lijesen


The Dutch Foundation “Stichting Renteswapschadeclaim” (translated it means “Interest Rate Swap Claim for Relief of Damages”) was created to advocate harmed Entrepreneurs who have Interest Rate Swap-Contracts with RABOBANK, ING Bank, ABNAMRO Bank and Deutsche Bank.

Pieter Lijesen has a vast experience regarding the litigation of Class Action Lawsuits. He has worked as a Tax Consultant on the island of Curaçao and has a solid expertise regarding legal and business matters. He has consulted various other foundations which were involved in the litigation for relief of damages and Class Actions.

Class Action Lawsuit against RABOBANK’s Swaps – For those harmed entrepreneurs who have entered into Interest Rate Swap-Contracts with the RABOBANK the Foundation has recently initiated a Class Action Lawsuit against RABOBANK in The Netherlands for Relief of Damages. Any harmed entrepreneur around the Globe can join this Class Action.

In the pursuit for relief of these severe damages Pieter works together with the international Law Firm Fort Advocaten in The Netherlands, as well as with various other lawyers and consultants.

Class Action Lawsuit against Deutsche Bank’s Swaps – A similar Class Action Lawsuit against Deutsche Bank and its Interest Rate Swaps is also being prepared. Details regarding this lawsuit will be announced shortly.

Pieter’s Successes – Pieter discovered the fraud that the Dutch DSB Bank committed with its “Usurious Insurance Policies”, which in the end caused the bankruptcy and downfall of DSB Bank.

This led him to discover that a number of Dutch Insurance companies were selling similar “Usurious Insurance Policies”.  A staggering €7 Billion of these policies were sold in The Netherlands. This discovery sent shockwaves throughout the entire country. Pieter is Chairman of the Foundation which has started litigation for relief of damages regarding those policies against various Dutch Insurance companies. In his care are the interests of thousands of harmed policy-holders.

The Attorney of the Foundation: Berth Brouwer


Berth Brouwer is the Lead Attorney of the Class Action Lawsuit against Rabobank in The Netherlands. Berth is Partner at the Law Firm Fort Advocaten in Amsterdam. In 1996 he graduated with honors from the University of Amsterdam. His expertise is Corporate Law, Corporate Litigation and establishing financial settlements. He is in charge of the Firm’s Corporate & Commercial Litigation practice.


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