Claims and Class Actions against Interest Rate Swaps


Dutch Law provides that any foreign party can join this Class Action against RABOBANK in The Netherlands.

Especially Plaintiffs against RABOBANK’s Swaps originating from the USA can find comfort in the fact that the Dutch Class Action system is based on the US Class Action system. A good number of Class Action-cases involving Plaintiffs from all over the world have already been succesfully adjudicated and ruled by the Dutch Courts in favor of all the Plaintiffs. Feel free to ask us for a Summary of what the Dutch Class Action system consists of.

Here you can join the Class Action against Deutsche Bank and RABOBANK by completing the form below.

Your Full Anonymity is Guaranteed

Joining the Class Action against Deutsche Bank or RABOBANK has the guaranty of your full anonymity. Because the Foundation “Stichting Renteswapschadeclaim” is the entity filing this lawsuit it cannot be obligated to disclose the aggrieved parties it represents. Therefore, the court, nor the bank will know you have joined this Class Action lawsuit.

When you Join it establishes a confirmation towards us that you would like to join our Class Action. We then have your information in our database.

No Obligations as of yet

Your signing up is currently without any obligation from you or the “Stichting Renteswapschadeclaim”. It therefore does not yet establish you as an aggrieved party who has legally joined our Class Action.

Further instructions will be disclosed shortly on how to establish the Full Fledge Joining of our Class Actions against Deutsche Bank and RABOBANK.

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  • Choose the amount of the swap that is attached to the variable loan. If you have more than one swap add up the amounts.


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